Bow Hunting Training 103

Back on track! After another nice hiatus we are continuing the 100 level courses with BHT 103. This strength program focuses on the straight arm strength and stability of the bow arm in a more advanced way than 101. A few of these are simple and can be done on their own but most are designed to be a progression from the first two 100 level courses…

Bow Hunting Training 103

One Arm Plank

One Arm Scap Pushups 

Side Plank

Side Scap Pushups 

One Arm Plank Rotation 

Side Plank Slides

Elevated Side Plank DB Row

Elevated Weighted One Arm Plank Rotation

Elevated Weighted Side Scap Pushups

Elevated Side Plank Deep DB Row

Elevated Side Fist Plank Deep DB Row

One Arm Plank Pops

Side Plank Pops

Side Plank Dip and Reach

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