Bow Hunting Training 302

We are back in action! After a little break to take care of life, the Bare 5 blog and some ninja warrior training, it’s time to continue the bowed arts with another upper division/advanced undergraduate course. Once again this level and above is for those looking to explore the deeper realm of bow hunting training. Like mastering any other endeavor, mastering the mind is a prerequisite for mastering the bowed arts. BHT 301 began developing the mental side of bow hunting training and now we continue that by adding some yoga like exercise in BHT 302.

Bow Hunting Training 302 

Meditation (with blind draw, deep breathing)

Similar to Yoga, feel the connection to the control, stability and power of the bow, both in your hand and as a symbol.

Child’s Pose (a.k.a. Little Archer)

Deep Arrow Breathing 

Warrior 1/2 (a.k.a. BoWarrior 1/BoWarrior 2)

Loaded BoWarrior 1/2

Bow Bow

Deep Breathing

BoWarrior 1 in Draw/BoWarrior 2 in Draw

Bow Bow

BoWarrior 3 in Draw

Bow Bow

Arrow Breath

Bow Salutation Series (a.k.a. Bow-utation) =
Deep Arrow Breathing > Bend > Jaguar (right) > Jaguar Hunting (right) > Bow Stretch > Jaguar (left) > Jaguar Hunting (left) > Bow Stretch > Bend > Deep Arrow Breathing 

Grounded Double Bow

Standing Double Bow

The Bow

The Drawn Bow

Seated Draw

The Arrow

Arrow In Flight

The Archer

Head Bow

Head Arrow

Hand Bow Prep

Chin Arrow

Chin Bow

Hand Arrow

Hand Bow

Forearm Arrow

Forearm Bow

The main goal: strengthen the Mind-Body Bow Connection- become the bow.

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