Bow Hunting Training 202

Continuing the development of the undergraduate courses with some extended training of the basic movement skills with a bow in your hand…

Bow Hunting Training 202

BHT 202 is about expanding the movement skills, particularly in terms of agility, quickness and change of direction, moving into the realm of explosiveness and creativity.

BHT 202 – The Exercises

Running with Pivot Turns & Angled Cutting


Side Shuffle


Side Rolls (Continuous)

Crouching Side Rolls (Side to Side)

Indian Draw/Indian Spin Draw

Kneeling Hop Draw

Kneeling Step Up Draw

Crouch Roll Draw

Pushup Jump Draw

Back Roll Draw

Belly Draw

Belly Hop Draw

Situp Back Roll Double Draw

Seated Back Roll Draw

Low 180 Spin in Draw

Creep Walk to 180 Jump Draw

Running Jump Draw

Forward Roll to Draw

Forward Roll to Jump Draw

Forward Roll Back Roll Combo

Roll, Jump Draw Improvisation (*be creative here, anything goes, just feel it and let it flow)

Creep Walk to Horizon Scan and Shoot

The main goal: train the body to move quickly, freely and creatively with a bow in hand.

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