Bow Hunting Training 102

We are now going to explore the second level of each bow hunting training category…

Bow Hunting Training 102

BHT 101 is about building strength and stamina, particularly in your bow arm and shoulder. BHT 102 continues the same approach but shifts the focus more to the draw arm and grip strength.

BHT 102 – The Exercises

3 Finger Grip Lat Pulldown

Bar Upright Row

Cuban Rotation

TRX Row/High Row

Rope Row/High Row

Cable Side Row/Draw Row

DB Row/High Row

3 Finger Pull-up

3 Finger Grip Curl (Wide and Close Grip)

3 Finger One Arm Hang

Side Plank DB Draw Row/Band Draw Row

Cable Draw Row/Step Back Draw Row

Rowing Machine High Row/One Arm Draw Row

Barbell Wrist Curl/3 Finger Curl

3 Finger Underhand Bent Row

Underhand Body Row/High Body Row

3 Finger Pull-ups from Straps/Pull-up Hold

The main goal: strengthen the back, shoulders, arm and hands, particularly the draw side.

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