Bow Hunting Training 402

Second in grad work is one of the most important questions we ask as bow hunting trainers: What’s the best way to train? Inside or outside? New or old? Science, technology and machines or nature, bow and body? There are good arguments for both and they are included in the BHT program. 402 simply explores this question and lets the student decide…

Bow Hunting Training 402

BHT 402 Exercises

Indoor, New, Technology:


Body Bar Spread Draw/Speed Draw

Bow Arm Press Out/Press Out with Air Draw

DB Row

BB Clean/Hang Clean

Sliders/Mountain Climbers

Weighted Pullups

Situps/Situp to Air Draw

Hop Down with Weighted Bar Hold

Wall Pop with Weighted Bar Hold

Treadmill Running

Stair Climber

BB Squat

Weighted Squat Jump

Core Board Upper Body Twist

Core Board Lower Body Twist

Crouch Walk with Bar/Backward Hop

Cable Archer

Dancing Archer

Rowing Machine

One Arm Draw on Rowing Machine

Band Archer

Lunge with Bar Hold

Band Row

BB Press

Incline Treadmill Running

Outdoor, Old, Natural:

** All natural movements done with bow in hand or on back **


Bow Draw

Upper Body Rotation in Draw

Draw & Hold

Speed Draw Reps

Tree Rope Draw

Rock Throw

Bear Crawl

Cheetah Switch Hops


Situps/Situp to Draw

Hanging Reverse Situp to Draw

Tree Drop to Draw

Tree Pop to Draw/Roll & Draw


Agility Running


Rock Pickups

Squat in Draw

Squat Jump to Draw/Squat Jump 180 in Draw

Upper Body Rotation in Draw

Rotation Hops in Draw

Crouch Walk in Draw/Backward

Bow Pushout in Draw Hold

Vertical Draw/Sky to Horizon in Draw

Push-ups to Draw

Running in Draw

Dragon Flags

Lunge in Draw

Kneeling Draw

High Knees in Draw

Handstand Push-ups

Hill Running

The bottom line for BHT 402: Find your best way to train. Whether old school or new, there are benefits to almost every way to bow hunting train. Hint: for me it’s a blend of the two…

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