Bow Hunting Training 301

Moving into upper division or advanced undergraduate work for those looking to explore the deeper realm of bow hunting training. Like mastering any other endeavor, mastering the mind is a prerequisite for mastering the bowed arts. BHT 301 is designed for just that- the mental side of bow hunting training.

Bow Hunting Training 301


Visualization (with arrow, no bow)

Similar to Tai Chi, feel the flow of the bow and move fluidly, like water.

Push-up to Draw
Push-up to 180 Draw

Arrow Spin

Meditation 2

Visualization 2 (no bow or arrow)

Bow Chi Light
Softer and slower, graceful and calm.

In the car, surveying land, sneaking around, at work, drinking coffee, walking in the park, walking to your car, getting out of your car, jumping over your car, in the car again and particularly walking to your car:
Always. Be. Bow. Hunting. Training.

The main goal: strengthen the mind bow connection- become one with the bow.

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