Bow Hunting Training 101

Bow hunting training is a journey, an education, a commitment and, like every other similar endeavor, it starts at the beginning with the basics.

Bow Hunting Training 101

BHT 101 is about building strength and stamina, particularly in your bow arm and shoulder. We accomplish this through a collection of simple moves that progress in weight, reps and time until you’re able to hold and move a much heavier bar than any bow you’ll come across. The goal by the end of 101 is to feel strong holding and moving a bow in your hands.

As with all the courses, we will have a video followed by the specific exercises with some detail and a few discussion points when necessary.

BHT 101 – The Exercises

Static Bar Hold

Bar Side Raise

Lateral Bar Pushout

Lateral Bar Pushout w/ Step Back Draw

Bar Press & Aim

Crouch Walk (Forward & Back)

Crouch to Standing Draw

Crouch to Stand in Draw

Rotation in Draw

Cable Pull in Draw

The Archer

The main goal: strengthen the shoulders, particularly the bow side.

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